Company overview
Since its inception in January 2000, Suzhou Lixin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd( Referred as Lixin in below) has targeted at regulated APIs/Intermediates markets. Lixin has built up several workshops under GMP guidelines, with complete public utilities and auxiliaries. We have also established a standard quality system and advanced quality control method, which has led us into cooperation with many world-famous companies.
Orienting at international markets and insisting on the innovation of production process and patent protection, Lixin focuses on the research and development of both patented and generic drugs. We have developed a series of APIs including Antineoplastic drugs, Cardiovascular drugs, Nootropic drugs, Antiplatelet drugs etc. We also put emphasis on overseas dossiers submissions including DMFs, CTDs and many country registrations. All these efforts have brought us favorable feedbacks from our customers.
  Company overview
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